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Solicitor Pathways

We can provide all the information and support you need to become a solicitor

Solicitor Pathways

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Our law applications support is delivered by The Lawyer Portal, providing award-winning resources, powered by industry partnerships.

Delivered by The Lawyer Portal

How To Become a Solicitor

The solicitor route is one of the most popular legal pathways. Solicitors work very closely with clients in need of legal advice.

A solicitor’s role is to take instructions from clients, which can include individuals, groups, private companies and public sector organisations, and advise them on actions they can take from a legal standpoint.

Follow the link below to find out more about becoming a soclitor.

Interview Prep

Preparing for your solicitor interview is key and a big step in the process of becoming a solicitor. We can help you prepare with training contract interview tips, including the ones below.

Every law firm has a different approach to training contract interviews, but most will ask similar questions, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the firm, current affairs and why you want to be a lawyer, among other things. 

We’ll help you prepare for the training contract by going over interview questions that you could get asked, along with providing key training contract interview tips.

Learn more about solicitor interview preparation here

Recruiters can receive hundreds, even thousands, of training contract applications every year. We can help you sell your unique points and make you stand out.

Learn more about how to stand out on your solicitor training application here


Postgraduate Prep

Postgraduate vocational training courses that all aspiring solicitors must complete before becoming a fully qualified solicitor

The LPC is the final, postgraduate vocational training course that all aspiring solicitors must complete before becoming a fully qualified solicitor. An LPC can be taken after completing either an SRA recognised LLB law degree, or a non-law degree and a law conversion course such as the PGDL (Post-graduate Diploma in Law).

LPC course fees vary between LPC providers and depend on whether you want to study a full-time LPC or a part-time LPC.

Please note that the LPC is currently being phased out and replaced with the SQE (introduced in 2020). The LPC will still be an active qualification route until 31 December 2032 for those who began their legal academic journey by September 2021.

Learn more about preparing for the LPC

The SQE is the new route via which aspiring solicitors will qualify in England and Wales. Administered by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), this exam is required for both law graduates and non-law graduates seeking to be admitted as a solicitor or a lawyer in another jurisdiction looking to qualify as a UK solicitor.

Composed of two major assessments – SQE1 and SQE2 – plus a required two-year period of Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) that tests your legal skills and legal knowledge.

Learn more about the SQE here



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Delivered by The Lawyer Portal

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