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SAT Book of Knowledge, 4th Edition (Latest Edition)

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This book will show you everything you need to conquer the test. We’ll run through the content you need, show you tricks and shortcuts specific to SAT-style questions, and warn you about traps and common mistakes.

Welcome to the SAT Book of Knowledge!

This book is the product of the sum total of A-list's expertise, combining the knowledge gained from hours of research into actual SAT questions with the practical experience of successfully increasing countless students’ scores.

The SAT has recently undergone some radical changes starting in 2023. This of course means that there isn’t a very long track record of real tests in the new format, and consequently not as much data we can analyse. Since everything is still relatively new, there’s still a chance the College Board (the people who make the SAT) might surprise us.

We’ve combined the information that has been released with our knowledge of and experience with the SAT’s history to get a firm grasp of what will be expected of you.

As more information is released and more tests are given, we’ll continue to update our materials to make deeper analysis of past tests and firmer predictions about what your test will look like.

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