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Online Tutoring Services

Dedicated and exceptional fully-managed online tutoring services

Online Tutoring

  • Experienced, caring teachers
  • Impressive 98% success rate
  • Fully interactive online tutoring classroom
  • Flexibility of time and place on a global basis
  • Proven excellent results

Our tuition services are delivered by Dukes Tutoring, a fully managed tutoring service run by caring teachers with over 20 years experience.

Expert Tutoring

Find Expert Tutors to Support Your Progress, Wherever You Are

  • Flexibility of time and place on a global basis
  • Students can be matched to the ideal tutor even if they live far apart
  • An interactive online classroom like JK’s has proven as successful as face-to-face tuition
  • The same quality of tutoring as face-to-face tutoring with less distractions

Our online tutoring programme provides a shared screen with an interactive whiteboard, allowing tutors and students to upload documents, write together, see each other and keep a copy of documents.

This online teaching software facilitates a variety of long-distance one-to-one online tutoring, including overseas students preparing for the entrance exams for elite British schools or keeping pace with British education whilst living as expats overseas.

  • Flexibility of time and place on a global basis
  • Students can be matched to the ideal tutor even if they live far apart
  • An interactive online classroom like JK’s matches a face-to-face experience
  • The same quality of tutoring as face-to-face tutoring with less distractions, wearing headphones and being focused on the screen

Our online tutors are increasingly in demand for ad hoc virtual tutoring – this is sometimes to trouble shoot specific areas of the curriculum in a GCSE or A Level subject or to prepare for end of year exams or mocks. The ideal tutor for an individual student in a specific subject may not live close enough to each other for tutoring in person, but they can still work together well using the interactive online classroom. This tutoring availability online is valuable to overseas students, those who live in the UK but outside London – or even just the opposite side of London from the perfect tutor for their needs!

With challenging tutorial sessions and guided additional reading or practice, students can be helped to truly excel in their exams. Our tutors have a wide range of expertise. We can help if you need an online maths or science tutor, an online English tutor… in fact, we have tutors available to support students in every subject. Just let us know with which subjects you require assistance and we’ll find the right tutor for you.

Each student and tutor are always carefully and individually matched, to meet the student’s needs and to suit their personality and learning style. This process is the same as for any of our tutoring; if your child has had an academic assessment we will have met them in person or virtually and we will have learnt a great deal about their ability, their way of learning and working from that process. From many years’ experience, we know which questions to ask, to find the perfect match, whether or not there has been an assessment.

Your child will experience supported learning that is tailored to your individual needs, focussing on areas of weakness or interest to deepen your knowledge and practice the skills required to get the grades you need.

Our online tutoring for the 11 plus entrance exams covers the required content in non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning, maths and English, as well as teaching revision skills and exam techniques. For the 13+ Common Entrance exams, our online tutors provide support for the ISEB pre-tests in Year 6, then tutoring in specific subjects for the 13+ exams in Year 8. As always, it is a flexible service that’s available when it’s required. Our virtual tutoring for children sitting the 7+ is pitched appropriately, understanding that online learning needs to be particularly engaging to hold the attention of younger children. Our tutors are very skilled in keeping teaching sessions fun and absorbing, whatever the age group and whether the lessons are online or in person.

Online tutoring services are also invaluable to keep up the learning momentum through online lessons during overseas holidays, or simply when school holidays become too hectic to schedule a face-to-face session. 11+ students facing entrance exams after the long summer break often benefit enormously from online tutoring while they are away with their families during the holiday, as it keeps them on track to face these exams.

Current overseas clients benefiting from tutoring online reside in many locations, including Singapore, India, Dubai, China, Hong Kong, Canada, New York and Los Angeles. A popular use of our online tutoring agency includes students who require support, advice and specialist tutoring to apply successfully to the British senior school of their choice. This could be at 11+, 13+ or sixth form entry level. In each case, you will benefit from our expert knowledge of the schools and their requirements, plus carefully matched tutors available to you online whenever it suits you.


“The Creative Comprehension workshops were incredibly helpful for my daughter and, more importantly, she really enjoyed them. Tania brought the activity to life by making it extremely engaging. She was patient and took time to help my 10 year-old to reflect on the skills that she had learnt. Thank you.”



Delivered by Dukes Tutoring

Why Dukes Plus?

Dukes Plus is a provider of university application support, life-changing career and university experiences, day camps, tuition, and summer schools

By selecting Dukes Plus as your chosen provider, you are guaranteeing that you’ll multiply your chances of application success. We have a huge network of over 2,000 vetted admissions tutors who are experts when it comes to consultancy, mock testing & interviewing, industry-leading resources, and more.

We specialise in applications to Oxbridge and top UK universities, Ivy League and top US universities, and Medicine and Law applications.

Whether you are looking to test-drive your dream career working with industry leading professionals, or wanting to study at Eton or an Oxford college for the summer, we provide innovative and life-changing experiences that will enable you to make better life choices.

We have an extensive database of tutors which can deliver personalised fully-managed tutoring services to students at any level. We provide online tutoring, SEN tutoring, tutoring for those that are gifted and talented, and tuition for those preparing for any exam from 4+, up to the 13+.

We run the UK’s number one multi-campus summer school where students can learn languages and subjects at some of the UKs top educational institutions. We also provide holiday activity camps such as Ultimate Activity, Ultimate Tech, and Ultimate Sports camps.

Student graduating at university

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