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ACT Course Content Overview

Welcome to our all-encompassing ACT preparation course. Our well-structured curriculum is crafted to cover every aspect of the ACT, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your highest possible score.

Explore the Course Materials section for a detailed overview of the course content, divided into the key sections of the ACT: Reading, Writing, and Math. Each section features targeted lessons and quizzes to assess your understanding and prepare you for the test.

Reading Section

The Reading section is designed to enhance your comprehension and analytical skills through engaging lessons and quizzes.

Craft and Structure: This lesson explores the intricacies of how authors structure their work and use language to convey meaning. You'll learn to interpret textual nuances and understand the author's intent.

Key Ideas and Details: Focus on your ability to read and comprehend passages from various subjects. Practice extracting key information and understanding the central ideas presented in diverse texts.

Quizzes: Two quizzes will test your understanding of craft and structure, as well as your ability to analyze key ideas and details.

Writing Section

The Writing section aims to refine your writing skills, emphasizing clarity, grammar, and effective expression.

Production of Writing: Learn how to refine your writing for clarity and impact. This lesson covers techniques for effectively expressing your ideas within an essay format.

Conventions of Standard English: Focus on the rules of English grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Mastery of these conventions is essential for both the Writing section and crafting a compelling essay.

Quizzes: Two quizzes will evaluate your ability to express ideas clearly and your command of Standard English conventions.

Math Section

Our Math section is comprehensive, covering everything from basic algebra to more advanced topics. With four quizzes spread throughout the lessons, you'll be encouraged to apply what you've learned in various contexts.

Number & Quantity: Gain a solid understanding of number systems, ratios, and quantitative reasoning.

Algebra: A thorough review of algebraic concepts, equations, and their applications to solve real-world problems.

Functions: Dive into complex mathematical concepts involving functions and their applications.

Geometry and Trigonometry: This lesson covers essential concepts in geometry and trigonometry, providing the foundation for solving spatial and trigonometric problems.

Statistics & Probability: Learn strategies for interpreting data and solving problems involving complex data sets.

Quizzes: Four quizzes are strategically placed to assess your understanding and application of mathematical principles covered in the lessons.

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