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In-School Advising and Advisor Training

Our advising team serves as in-house university advisors at a variety of leading secondary schools throughout the UK.





Our team includes former admissions directors at top US universities and individuals with years of university counselling experience at high performing secondary schools.  A-List emphasises a personal approach that pairs advisors carefully with students to maximise success. In addition to our in-depth understanding of the admissions process, our team also offers expert advice on scholarships, STEM applications, athletic recruitment, the University of California system, and creative applications.  A-List supports all students, encompassing a range of interests and ambitions.


Also, we offer professional development for your school’s faculty and staff. If you have designated a US university coordinator at your school, we can help them develop the skills to support teachers as they write recommendation letters, developing clear and effective school transcripts and school profiles, and  discuss how international students can finance an education.


Our advising core components:


Comprehensive US University Application Support

We implement a coordinated timeline for all grade levels, which considers curriculum choices, testing, extracurriculars, personal statement development, university research and more.

Proprietary Resources

We have developed proprietary materials to assist with every aspect of the process from writing recommendation letters to brainstorming personal statements.

Create Transcripts and School Profiles

Transcripts and school profiles are critical components of any US university application. We review school materials and make suggestions to highlight your school’s strengths to ensure your students are read by admissions committees as positively as possible.

Create Ambitious and Responsible University Lists

Our advisors make insightful recommendations, incorporating a student’s aspirations, characteristics and interest, when creating a university application list.

Committed to Your Success

We take tremendous pride advancing a school’s US university admissions programme. We are dedicated to ensuring that students attend universities where they will thrive, and we stress “fit” in the admissions process.

Committed to Authenticity

Upholding ethical admissions practices is at the core of what we do. Our advisors ensure that students lead the process and are authentic and honest in their applications to universities.


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