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7+ and 11+ Mock Examinations

Prepare your child for success with our comprehensive 7+ and 11+ mock examinations. These examinations can be administered either at your school or at the Dukes Head Office, providing flexibility and convenience for you and your child.




Our mock exams assess your child’s proficiency in both mathematics and English. The primary aim of these simulated assessments is to enhance your child’s time management skills and instil a sense of composure when confronted with a variety of question formats, including those they may not have encountered previously. We aim to replicate the atmosphere of a genuine examination, ensuring your child is well-prepared and confident for the actual test day.


Unlike traditional pass or fail assessments, our results offer a detailed insight into your child’s performance. We provide percentage scores for each section of the test, along with comprehensive feedback highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement. This valuable information serves as a valuable resource for both parents and educators during the final stages of preparation.


Our dedicated team meticulously marks each child’s work, and the results are compiled into a comprehensive report. This report not only summarises their performance but also offers in-depth recommendations for the next steps in their revision, additional teaching needs, and clear targets for progress.


Pricing for these mock examinations varies depending on the number of participants, with costs starting from just £150 per child. Give your child the advantage they need to excel in their 7+ or 11+ examinations with Dukes’ mock exams.


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