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University Application Support for Schools

We have over 30 years of University guidance expertise empowering students and teachers to make successful applications to the world’s top universities

What we can provide

  • Personal statement support
  • Admissions test preparation support
  • Interview preparation support
  • Our University Readiness Programme
  • Resources created specifically for teachers & schools

Admissions Test Days

Admissions Test Support

We offer Admissions Test Days, which provide you with an entire day of Admissions Test practice, information, and guidance, equipping your students with the tools they need to streamline preparation going forward.


Below is an example Admission Test Day schedule.

The day will begin with a mock test on Canvas. This mock test will be an in-house test paper constructed by our experts, meaning that every question is guaranteed to be new regardless of level of preparation thus far.

After completing the one-hour test, you will immediately be able to view your results on the multiple-choice portion of the exam. Then you will meet with a tutor to go through your responses in detail, giving you a deeper insight into where you made mistakes and how to remedy them going forward.

Students collect into subject groups to participate in a two-hour skills workshop. This session is not specific to the papers they have just completed, but rather takes them through the key skills that they need to excel in their admissions test. This session is held by our Oxbridge-graduate tutors, all of whom have successfully sat tests much like those the students will be taking. These sessions are interactive, allowing students to get answers to any and all questions they may have regarding the admissions tests.

Guidance and Advice

Personal Statement & Essay Writing Support

Since 1999, we have been leading the way in university applications support to many of the world’s highest-achieving schools, including Oxbridge, Cambridge, Ivy League universities, and Law & Medical schools.


We offer a Personal Statement Group Workshop as well as Personal Statement Consultations.


We can also offer guidance and advice on changes to university admissions processes and changes.

Real Interview Setting

Interview Preparation Support

We can provide a full Interview Preparation Day for your students, to prepare them for success in a real interview setting.

Below is an example Interview Preparation Day schedule.

You’ll listen to a talk from a former admissions tutor, giving you inspiration and the secrets of success as they see it.

You’ll participate in a 90-minute skills session group with a tutor. These sessions are split into different subject area groups and are conducted by an expert tutor, giving you the chance to practise your interview skills in a group environment.

You’ll participate in two x 30-minute mock interviews with two different tutors. Then, you’ll receive both verbal and written feedback. This provides the chance to practise the skills you learned in the workshop in a realistic interview-style setting.

University Readiness Programme



With over 30 years of University guidance expertise, we empower students and teachers to make successful applications in the following areas:


  • Oxbridge

  • US Universities

  • Medicine

  • Law



Become a Partner School

Our Teacher Events are designed to supercharge your students’ potential

Teacher Events

We run a series of events for teachers specifically designed to help you supercharge your students’ potential. These live online teacher events are free of charge to attend.


You can see details and register for our upcoming events by filling out the form below.

Get in touch with our schools team for a quotation

Want to know more about how we can help your students reach their full academic potential? Fill out the form, or follow the link to schedule a free in-person or virtual consultation. We’re located next to St. James’ Park in Central London, just off Pall Mall.


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