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In-School Private Oxbridge Consultation

Unlock the pathway to Oxbridge with our exclusive Private Consultation service, specially tailored to empower Year 11 and 12 students.


  • Understand Oxford vs. Cambridge Courses
  • Unravel Application Statistics
  • Decode Pre-Test Requirements


Available in-school at £185 per student, exclusively in February 2024.




Unlock the pathway to Oxbridge excellence with our exclusive Private Consultation service, available for your school at £185 per student, exclusively in February 2024. This one-hour strategy and advisory session is conducted by an Oxbridge Applications consultant, specially tailored to empower Year 11 and 12 students on their academic journey.


Personalised Pathway Planning


In each Private Consultation, we provide invaluable insights and guidance:

  1. Understanding Oxford vs. Cambridge Courses: Delve into the distinctions between Oxford and Cambridge courses to make an informed choice that aligns with your academic aspirations.
  2. Unravelling Application Statistics: Gain insights into the nuances of application statistics for these prestigious pathways, ensuring you stand out as a strong applicant.
  3. Decoding Pre-Test Requirements: Navigate the intricate world of pre-tests, such as the TSA for E&M at Oxford and the ECAA for Economics at Cambridge, ensuring you meet the specific prerequisites of your chosen pathway.


Discover Your Strengths and Ideal Pathway


Our expert consultants work closely with each student during the session, identifying their unique strengths and aptitudes. We guide you to select the pathway that suits you best, setting the stage for academic success.


Shaping University Choices


Beyond Oxbridge, our consultation extends to shaping students’ other four university choices for UCAS. Benefit from our comprehensive advice and make informed decisions about their academic future.


Resources for Continued Success


To support students on their academic journey, we provide reading suggestions tailored to their chosen course. Additionally, we provide access to our Course Reports and an Oxbridge book to further enhance their knowledge and preparedness.


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