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Increase your leavers destination success rates and empower your students with our in-school programmes, events, training, and guidance for teachers and schools.

What we offer teachers and schools

  • In-School University Application Programmes
  • In-School Exam Prep
  • In-School Interview Prep
  • Teacher & Parent Events
  • Teacher Training & School Support
  • Bespoke Dukes Careers Curriculum & Guidance
  • University Readiness Programme

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Oxbridge Interview Preparation

“From my point of view, the remote interviews worked really well. It was good to have access to a larger number of tutors, to give all the pupils two interviews, and for me to be able to drop in on them too. I was particularly impressed with Alison’s interviewing! Really helpful!”

Julia Johnson

Emanuel School

We’re Partnered With 1000+ Partner Schools

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Industry Leading Programmes & Events

Why Choose Us?

At Dukes Plus, we are committed to delivering outstanding in-school programmes tailored to enrich the academic progress of your students.

With our in-school talks and programmes, your students can discover new careers and pathways, and increase their application success rates to top institutions.

Dukes Plus Presentation in School

The Dukes Plus Family

Our Family

By consolidating the offerings of these distinguished brands under Dukes Plus, we’re able to deliver a comprehensive suite of industry-leading services that support students throughout their educational journey, fostering their growth and laying the foundation for a promising future.


Other Programmes

The Dukes Careers School

Our innovative careers curriculum empowers students in Years 10-12

University Readiness Programme

We empower students and teachers to make successful applications to university

Teacher & School Events

Teacher Events designed to supercharge your school’s and your students’ potential

Bespoke Careers Curriculum

The Dukes Careers School

An exclusive and innovative opportunity for students in years 10-12 to become career-ready before they finish school.

Dukes Careers Curriculum Students will gain valuable insights into the key employability skills required to break into the world’s most competitive careers, with a series of 9 online modules.


University Readiness Programme

With over 30 years of University guidance expertise, we empower students and teachers to make successful applications in the following areas:

  • Oxbridge
  • US Universities
  • Medicine
  • Law

Free Teacher Events

Teacher Events

We run a series of events for teachers specifically designed to help you supercharge your students’ potential. These live online teacher events are free of charge to attend.

You can see details and register for our upcoming events by filling out the form below.

Become a Partner School

Free UniFrog-like university and career pathway report in 60 seconds

You and your students can use our free career pathway tool to discover recommended university and career pathways based on their interests and predicted grades.
Best of all, they can generate a free report in under 60 seconds.

In-School Programmes

We Can Help With

Unlock the Path to Prestigious Institutions

Our tailored programmes are specifically designed to empower your institution to guide exceptionally talented students toward the world’s most prestigious universities. With our comprehensive Oxbridge applications support, we offer the insights, resources, and coaching necessary for students to embark on the highly competitive journey to Oxford and Cambridge.

Simultaneously, our A-List Education services provide a wealth of resources and preparation tools for students aspiring to join top American colleges.

By combining these two unparalleled offerings, you can ensure that every high-achieving student receives the guidance they need to access the very best educational opportunities, thereby enhancing your institution’s reputation for academic excellence.

Prepare for Success: All Exams Mastery

Dukes Plus Exam Preparation is an all-encompassing solution for school teachers and heads, combining our top-tier Exam Preparation offering with our suite of comprehensive educational services.

Our programme is tailored to equip students with the skills and confidence needed to excel in their exams, ensuring they perform at their best when it matters most. By integrating this service with our wide array of educational resources and support, your institution can create a learning environment that not only nurtures academic excellence but also ensures that students are thoroughly prepared to meet and exceed their examination goals.

This holistic approach, combining rigorous exam readiness with the full spectrum of educational services, is the key to unlocking your students’ potential and further elevating your school’s academic standing.

Empowering Educators for University Success

For school teachers and esteemed heads, Dukes Plus offers a unique opportunity by combining our renowned Teacher Training offering with our comprehensive educational services.

Our Teacher Training programme is meticulously designed to empower educators with the latest teaching methodologies, strategies, and tools, ensuring they are well-equipped to inspire and guide students effectively. By integrating this service with our array of educational resources and support, your institution can create a learning environment where teachers are not only well-prepared but continually updated with cutting-edge pedagogical insights.

This holistic approach, combining teacher empowerment with the full spectrum of educational services, is the key to fostering a culture of excellence within your school, promoting impactful teaching practices, and ultimately enhancing your institution’s reputation for academic achievement.

Immersive Experience In Your School

We are proud to offer valuable support to schools, providing free in-school or online talks and workshops on a diverse range of essential topics to empower your students. Our sessions cover:

  • Introduction to General Employability Skills: Equipping students with the foundation of skills essential for their future careers.
  • Networking: Teaching the art of building valuable professional connections and relationships.
  • Interview Skills: Enhancing students’ ability to excel in interviews, securing future opportunities.
  • Public Speaking: Nurturing the art of effective and confident communication in front of an audience.
  • Communication: Fostering strong communication skills, a vital asset in the professional world.
  • Work Experience: Guiding students on how to make the most of their work placements.
  • Time Management: Equipping students with the tools to effectively manage their time and responsibilities.
  • Recruitment Processes and Assessment Centres: Providing insights into the complex world of recruitment and assessment, ensuring students are well-prepared.
  • CVs and Cover Letters: Teaching the art of crafting compelling CVs and cover letters to stand out in the job market.
  • Teamwork: Cultivating collaborative skills that are crucial in the workplace.
  • Resilience: Nurturing the ability to bounce back from challenges and setbacks.
  • Confidence: Empowering students with the self-assuredness necessary to take on any professional challenge.

We are commited committed to your students’ growth and development, and our engaging talks and workshops provide them with a competitive edge in the world of work. We look forward to partnering with Dukes schools to enrich the educational journey of your students.

Dive into Your Academic Future

At Dukes Tutoring, we’re dedicated to providing a wide range of tailored educational services. We offer 11+ and 13+ Personal Interview Preparation, expertly conducted within your school, comprising enlightening one-hour workshops for Year 5, 6, 7, and 8 students, followed by personalised half-hour interviews. Our thorough reports, sent to school heads, offer valuable insights into each student’s strengths and areas for growth, enabling them to excel in their real interviews. The cost is individually customised, typically ranging from £1000 to £3000, depending on cohort size and duration.

Our ‘educate’ talks, delivered by Dukes Tutoring’s Managing Director Katie Krais, demystify the 11+ journey for parents, offering essential guidance on timelines, tutoring, and school selection. These sessions are entirely complimentary to schools.

We also provide 7+ and 11+ Practice Exams, conducted either at your school or at our Dukes Head Office, aimed at refining students’ time management and problem-solving skills. Results are individualised, and pricing starts from £150 per child.

Dukes Tutoring’s comprehensive workshops, available at your school or our Dukes Head Office, cater to different year groups and subjects, all competitively priced.

For students who need flexible learning options, our tailored Homeschooling or Hybrid Packages offer a versatile solution. Our hybrid approach allows students to access lessons both at home and at school.

Group Mock Interviews for 7+/11+/13+ assessments are available either at your school or our Dukes Head Office, providing students with valuable experience in group dynamics. The ensuing report guides parents in further preparation.

Finally, our EAL Support Package, starting with 6 hours of lessons at £550, is perfect for international students seeking to gain confidence and fluency in English before starting school. We cater to children of all ages, offering hourly or half-hourly sessions to suit individual needs. Join Dukes Tutoring today for an enriching educational journey.

Become a Dukes Plus Partner School

Our partners benefit from a range of services and discounts and are kept informed of changes to admissions processes and other relevant information which may affect them. Best of all, becoming a partner school is completely free.

Enquire now and a member of our Partner Development Team will be in touch.

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