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7+, 11+, 13+ Group Mock Interview

Our 7+, 11+, and 13+ Group Mock Interviews are designed to prepare your students for success in their exams. These simulated interview sessions can take place either at your school or at the Dukes Head Office, ensuring flexibility and convenience for you.


  • Attentive listening
  • Effective collaboration and teamwork abilities
  • General knowledge
  • Leadership aptitude




Group interviews present a unique set of challenges, focusing on how children interact with their peers and the dynamics within the group. At Dukes Plus, our Group Mock Interview is meticulously crafted to replicate this environment, with a maximum of six children per group.


During these sessions, we assess a range of essential skills, including attentive listening, effective collaboration, leadership aptitude, teamwork abilities, general knowledge, and overall behaviour. Our aim is to provide a positive and constructive experience for every child, helping them showcase their best selves during real interviews.


Following each mock group interview, we provide parents with a concise report detailing their child’s performance. Alongside this feedback, we offer valuable insights and tips to actively support your child in their preparations for the actual interviews. We believe that this comprehensive approach empowers your child to excel when it matters most.


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