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US Admissions Workshop

Aspiring to America Workshop

Our Aspiring to America Workshop empowers both teachers and their students to confidently navigate the complexities of US higher education. Tailored for students aged 14-18 and their advisors, this program prepares them to create standout applications for top-tier universities.

Why Sign Up Your School?

  • Ideal for students aged 14-18 and their teachers
  • Expert Ivy League graduate instructors
  • One-day workshop tailored for schools
  • Covers every aspect of the US admissions process
  • It’s interactive – Not just another lecture


Our US & Ivy League applications support is delivered by A-List Education, globally trusted experts in US application consultancy.

One-Day Course

Aspiring to America Workshop

For the past 20 years, we have guided thousands of students to achieve their dream of studying in America. Join our immersive one-day workshop tailored for schools, guiding your students through the intricate landscape of US higher education.

Ideal for UK students aged 14-18 and educators keen to understand the US admissions process, this one-day course introduces students to all the major areas of the US university application process, ensuring your students are well-prepared to succeed in their US university aspirations. Our expert instructors provide the essential tools to create standout applications, whether aiming for Ivy League, top-tier private universities, or renowned liberal arts colleges.

Courses cost £1,500 for a class of students in-person or £1,000 for online sessions. The day can be scheduled flexibly around your school timetable.

Aspiring to America

  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location
  • Ages
  • £1000-£1500
  • 4.5 Hours
  • In Class or Online
  • 14-18

Aspiring to America

Why Attend?

Equip your students with essential knowledge and skills for US university applications through our detailed and engaging workshop.

Discover the key differences and benefits of the US education system compared to the UK. Learn how the US approach can offer unique opportunities and experiences for your students.

Dive into the flexible and diverse curriculum of a liberal arts education. Understand how this model allows students to explore a wide range of subjects before choosing a major.

Strategise how to select majors and electives effectively. Gain insights on creating a balanced and tailored academic plan that suits individual interests and career goals.

Learn how to leverage extracurricular activities to enhance university applications. Discover ways to highlight students’ unique talents and experiences, making their applications stand out.

Stay informed with the latest statistics on US university acceptance rates. Develop strategies to improve students’ chances of gaining admission to their desired schools.

Engage in hands-on activities designed to provide practical experience. Participate in workshops that simulate real-world application scenarios, ensuring students are well-prepared for the process.








Whats Included?

The Workshop

The session covers the differences between the UK and US education systems, including expectations around extracurricular life and residential practicalities. Terminology is explained, such as liberal arts curriculum, core curriculum, major, and electives. We cover the differences between Liberal Arts Colleges vs. Private Universities vs. State Universities and highlight the best options to consider.

By providing a best-practice timeline and an overview of the components of the application process, we offer tips for completing the various sections. We explain the Activities List and why it matters, the best approach to the CommonApp Personal Statement, and the role of Supplemental Essays.

This workshop helps students understand the US system of standardised testing and why test scores matter. We go into detail about why a student would decide to sit the SAT or ACT and how they should prepare. We share a selection of our tried-and-tested techniques and exercises from the A-List Book of Knowledge which is used on our SAT and ACT preparation courses.

Students will learn about the costs involved in attending a US university and the scholarship / financial aid opportunities available to them. We also explain the process of athletic recruitment and the timelines involved.

Delivered by A-List

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