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Medical School Admissions Consultation


Are you an aspiring medical student looking for medical school application guidance?

The sole purpose of this Medicine Admissions Consultation is to provide you with the crucial insights and strategies necessary to master the competitive medical school application process and secure your place in medical school.

Secure your spot at a top medical school with a personalised consultation, designed specifically around your unique aspirations and academic profile.

What’s Included?

In this 60 minute consultation, we’ll personally guide you through your journey into medical school with expert recommendations and support, helping you understand the benefits of each step and optimising your application strategy to increase your chances of success.

Years 9-11

If you’re in Years 9-11, the initial session will last 90 mins.

Year 12

If you’re in Year 12, the initial session will last 60 mins + 30 mins of your UCAT mock test review which should be done prior to the consultation.

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