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Interview Preparation

Unlock your potential and secure your spot in these invaluable Interview Preparation programmes. Whether it’s a full-day immersive experience or a personalised four-week journey, we’re here to help you shine during your upcoming interviews. Join us and embark on your path to success!

Unlock Your Interview Success


Prepare with confidence for your upcoming interviews with our comprehensive Interview Preparation offerings. Whether you prefer a full-day intensive experience or a tailored four-week course, we’ve got you covered.


Interview Preparation Day – £195 per Student


Date: October 2023

Join us for a transformative Interview Preparation Day designed to boost your confidence, sharpen your interview skills, and enhance your subject knowledge. Our dedicated tutoring team will either visit your school or host a dynamic digital event exclusively for your pupils.


What’s Included:

  • Full Day Intensive Course
  • Interview Practice
  • Subject Knowledge Tutorials
  • Insights from a Former Oxbridge Admissions Tutor
  • Two Mock Interviews with Verbal and Written Feedback

Prepare to excel in your interviews and embark on your academic journey with confidence.


4-Week Interview Preparation Course – £395 per Student (Minimum of 4 Students per Workshop Group)


Dates: October 2023 – November 2023

Our 4-Week Interview Preparation Course offers a personalised and flexible approach to interview readiness. With four 30-minute one-to-one mock interviews, each accompanied by detailed verbal and written feedback, you’ll receive targeted guidance tailored to your unique needs.


Course Highlights:

  • Weekly One-to-One Mock Interviews
  • Flexible Scheduling to Suit Your Availability
  • Direct Feedback Based on Your Progress

Prepare at your own pace, refine your interview skills, and maximise your chances of success.

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