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Boost SAT/ACT test scores, improve test-taking strategy & more with our US & Ivy League Tutoring packages

US & Ivy League Tutoring

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Our US & Ivy League applications support is delivered by A-List Education, globally trusted experts in US application consultancy.

US & Ivy League Tutoring

We’re Here To Help You

If you want to get accepted to your chosen top US universities, you’ll need a good SAT or ACT score. Along with a competitive score and successful test-taking strategies, it’s ideal that you gain more knowledge about the subject you wish to study.

Choose from our US & Ivy League Tutoring Packages to meet your specific academic needs.

Ideal if you are close to meeting your academic goals but would like a professional to review and helpfully refine your work.

Our most popular package, this plan helps you refine content knowledge and also polish work for assessment.

This plan provides a comprehensive approach to achieving top academic results across the board. This is an ideal plan if you are looking for one-on-one support for a variety of subjects and developing strong study skills that will help you meet their goals throughout your academic career.

We can create a customised plan to meet your specific needs. We recognise the need for flexibility and can plan accordingly. Contact us and we will tailor a package to help you excel.

Our US & Ivy League Tuition Packages are designed to give you the attention and flexibility you need.

Ideal if you are near your target score goals and are looking to refine your approach and technique.

Our most popular package, this plan helps you prepare for the test without any prior practice. This package allows for complete review of The A-List Book of Knowledge (covering the Math, Reading and Writing sections) and review of at least 3 Diagnostic Tests.

This plan provides a comprehensive approach to test prep, offering complete coverage of the individual subjects and supplemented by reviews of as many Diagnostic Tests as time allows (at least 6). Premium packages are also best if you want to start work during your GCSE years.


“My daughter had an excellent experience with A-List, in particular from Mariel Kessell, who is an outstanding tutor. Mariel provided top class coaching and support and my daughter received many offers from the top US colleges. Highly recommend.”



Delivered by A-List

Why Dukes Plus?

Dukes Plus is a provider of university application support, life-changing career and university experiences, day camps, tuition, and summer schools.

By selecting Dukes Plus as your chosen provider, you are guaranteeing that you’ll multiply your chances of application success. We have a huge network of over 2,000 vetted admissions tutors who are experts when it comes to consultancy, mock testing & interviewing, industry-leading resources, and more.

We specialise in applications to Oxbridge and top UK universities, Ivy League and top US universities, and Medicine and Law applications.

Whether you are looking to test-drive your dream career working with industry leading professionals, or wanting to study at Eton or an Oxford college for the summer, we provide innovative and life-changing experiences that will enable you to make better life choices.

We have an extensive database of tutors which can deliver personalised fully-managed tutoring services to students at any level. We provide online tutoring, SEN tutoring, tutoring for those that are gifted and talented, and tuition for those preparing for any exam from 4+, up to the 13+.

We run the UK’s number one multi-campus summer school where students can learn languages and subjects at some of the UKs top educational institutions. We also provide holiday activity camps such as Ultimate Activity, Ultimate Tech, and Ultimate Sports camps.

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