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4+, 7+, 11+ & 13+ Tutoring Services

Exceptional managed tutoring and guidance for students tackling exams from 4+ to 13+

4+ to 13+ Tutoring

  • Experienced, caring teachers
  • Impressive 98% success rate
  • Age 5-7 Tutoring
  • Age 7-11 Tutoring
  • Age 11-18+ Tutoring

Our tuition services are delivered by Dukes Tutoring, a fully managed tutoring service run by caring teachers with over 20 years experience.

Private tutoring & consultancy services

Consistently Excellent Results

We take great pride in our tutoring services, and for good reason. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of our offering. We are resolutely dedicated to maintaining the highest standards by exclusively enlisting verified and accredited tutors, ensuring that our students receive top-tier education that is both reliable and reputable.

What truly sets us apart?


  • Our enduring partnerships with exceptional tutors
  • Expertise, dedication and trust
  • A shared vision for nurturing academic growth
  • Our tutoring services are a beacon of quality and dependability

Our Services

Exam Preparation Tutoring

3+/4+ Assessment

The 3+ Assessment is the point of entry for children who wish to join a selective school in Nursery and the 4+ Assessment is the point of entry for children who wish to join a selective school in Reception. Preparation for the 3+ and 4+ is based on the EYFS curriculum. This means that although reading, writing and maths are assessed, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, and communication and language, are also key.

There is also a large focus on looking for a student’s learning potential through what are called the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’: curiosity, engagement, motivation, sustained concentration, autonomy and creating and thinking critically. These areas are assessed by making observations of the child’s behaviour and the skills they are demonstrating alongside their peers within an Early Years environment. Although this observed interaction is often called a 3+ or 4+ group interview, children of this age rarely if ever face a classic interview situation.

3+ & 4+ Preparation

We can help your child with preparation for the 3+ or 4+. We have developed a programme to assess children and support parents who are considering sitting their child for schools’ 4+ or 3+ entrance assessment. These are very young children and therefore need careful, sensitive, expert preparation to face this first experience of assessment.

We offer a mock assessment programme in three parts:

  • 1:1 mock assessment of the student.
  • Mock group assessment.
  • Detailed reporting and a follow-up discussion with parents.

7+ Tutors at Home or Online

Carefully matched 7+ tutors, trained to deliver exceptional seven plus tutoring and monitored by JK’s senior team. Available in person or online.

Our tutors are highly experienced in bringing out the best in Year 2 children sitting 7 plus entrance exams. You can see a small selection of our tutuors on our Featured Tutors page.

Growth in 7+ Applications

We have recruited many more specialist key stage 1 and 7+ tutors in London and working online. This is in response to increased demand for help with 7+ preparations and to support children who are just starting their academic journey.

Our 7+ teaching takes place in students’ homes or using our interactive online tutoring classroom.

Many families are choosing to approach selective school entry at 7+ because of the increasing pressure on places at 11+. This means of course that competition is also growing at 7+ level. Using our detailed knowledge, our teaching resources are always current and targeted to meet the requirements of the schools setting the examinations.

Find Leading 11+ Tutors

We’ve helped children succeed in the 11+ for many years. Our depth of experience has helped us identify a clear set of 11+ success factors that can boost your child’s exam results.
We know the 11+ is a big commitment for families. It requires careful planning, the right resources and support, and a lot of dedication. That’s why we have developed our JK Educate 11+ journey.
Our many years of experience in helping children achieve success in their 11+ exams is thanks to our highly experienced and knowledgeable tutors who know exactly what it takes to pass the 11+ exams. Their excellent tutoring skills and the JK 11+ package of resources provide your child with the support they need to achieve success.

Why Choose Our 11+ Tutors?

Our experienced team supports families throughout the process of preparing for the 11+. We offer a full package of tailored services to boost 11+ success. These services include academic assessments, mock exams and interview preparation sessions. Central to all this is our expert 11+ tutoring.

Here are some of the reasons why our 11+ tutors are so successful:

  • Our private tutors for the 11+ undergo rigorous selection. They are also trained in specific 11+ tutoring techniques and curriculum content by the unique JK Academy.
  • Each student is carefully matched to an ideal individual 11+ tutor, based on learning style and personality. This is a key element in our student’s success stories.
  • Our expert tutors and supporting team ensure your child will boost their skills and confidence and help them develop a positive perspective on learning.
  • All of our private tutors for the 11+ are monitored by JK’s senior team throughout the entire 11+ tutoring journey, whether they are providing in-person or online lessons.
  • Parents receive regular, detailed feedback about their child’s progress against the agreed targets.

The JK Educate 11+ journey uses a mixture of curated commercial resources and bespoke writing resources specially developed for students preparing for the 11+ exams. Our expert tutors have access to all the up-to-date information available, including the JK 11+ Exam Practice Papers and Resource Pack.

We have been producing this resource pack since 2012, updating and improving it every year. Our specialist 11+ tutors are involved in consolidating the contents and the packs are very comprehensive.

For example, the 2023 JK 11+ English and maths Exam and Resource Pack consists of 100 papers, available in a printed or digital format. They cover a wide selection of boys’, girls’ and co-educational schools. The papers contain a diverse list of question types and mark schemes and cover a wide range of topics. We know from experience that completing such a wide array of questions is the best preparation for whatever challenges your child will meet in these exams.

13+ Common Entrance Tuition

From carefully matched Common Entrance tutors, specially trained in teaching students facing the 13+ exams and monitored by JK’s senior team. Available in person or online.

We support families throughout the process of school admissions at 13+, from academic assessments and advice on school choices to preparations for pre-tests, interview preparation and one-to-one tutoring for the CE exams themselves in every required subject.

Our teaching resources are regularly updated, with our expert focus on the ever-changing requirements of schools’ entrance exam procedures.

What is the Common Entrance exam?

The thirteen plus process is usually made up of the Common Pre-test, taken in either Year 6 or Year 7, followed by the Common Entrance exams which are taken in Year 8. Not all schools require students to take the Common Pre-test. However, if they do, students are usually offered conditional places based on the ISEB Common Pre-Test results, with confirmed places dependent on the student’s performance in the Common Entrance exams.

Common Pre-Tests

  • The Common Pre-Tests are taken when a pupil is in Year 6 or Year 7 and are an age-standardised measure of ability and attainment. They are commissioned from GL Assessment and cover verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and mathematics. Preparations for the verbal and non-verbal reasoning elements are similar to those for the 11+ and JK can match children with the ideal 13 plus pre-test tutor for them.

Key features of the Common Entrance Pre-tests

  • They are online and adaptive, in a multiple-choice format
  • They take about 2.5 hours to complete (English 25 minutes, mathematics 50 minutes, non-verbal reasoning 32 minutes, verbal reasoning 36 minutes)
  • The four tests can be taken together or at separate times; they are sat in the candidate’s own school, at the senior school for which he or she is entered or at an independent testing centre
  • Results are available to all senior schools which register the same candidate and therefore a candidate need only sit the test once for a range of senior schools
  • The tests are unique to ISEB and are standardised for the independent sector

Independent secondary schools will offer provisional places to promising candidates, but they will still need to be tested at 13+ level through a series of exams covering a range of academic subjects.


“A first class service that does so much more than just private tutor my son. We had a brilliant initial assessment that enabled the right tutor fit with my 6 year old son. Since then, I have watched him progress exponentially. Highly recommend JK Educate.”



Delivered by Dukes Tutoring

Why Dukes Plus?

Dukes Plus is a provider of university application support, life-changing career and university experiences, day camps, tuition, and summer schools.

By selecting Dukes Plus as your chosen provider, you are guaranteeing that you’ll multiply your chances of application success. We have a huge network of over 2,000 vetted admissions tutors who are experts when it comes to consultancy, mock testing & interviewing, industry-leading resources, and more.

We specialise in applications to Oxbridge and top UK universities, Ivy League and top US universities, and Medicine and Law applications.

Whether you are looking to test-drive your dream career working with industry leading professionals, or wanting to study at Eton or an Oxford college for the summer, we provide innovative and life-changing experiences that will enable you to make better life choices.

We have an extensive database of tutors which can deliver personalised fully-managed tutoring services to students at any level. We provide online tutoring, SEN tutoring, tutoring for those that are gifted and talented, and tuition for those preparing for any exam from 4+, up to the 13+.

We run the UK’s number one multi-campus summer school where students can learn languages and subjects at some of the UKs top educational institutions. We also provide holiday activity camps such as Ultimate Activity, Ultimate Tech, and Ultimate Sports camps.

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