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Teacher Training

Equip your staff with the essential skills, knowledge, and resources to mentor students looking to apply to top universities effectively.


  • Two-Hour Online Workshop
  • Access to 74 Course Reports
  • Comprehensive Digital Resources


Available at £995, with unlimited places for your entire faculty




Empower Your Teachers with University Guidance


Equip your teaching staff with the skills to provide in-house university application guidance with our comprehensive Teacher Training Programme.


Invest in Your School’s Future


With each year, the details of how best to support students through the application process changes, and the staff who support students can also change.


As such, it is important for everyone involved in the process to complete some training, usually in the summer term to be best prepared for the upcoming applications cycle.


The training, led by the Head of Schools at Oxbridge Applications can cover:

  • Supporting students on deciding on the course and university that is right for them
  • The application process as a whole
  • What Admissions Tutors are looking for in potential candidates
  • How to ensure that the students are exploring the subjects in the right way
  • What makes that specific subject group interview different, and what skills are Tutors looking for
  • Personal statements- how they differ between subjects


Teacher Training Programme – £995


Our Teacher Training Programme equips educators with the essential skills, knowledge, and resources to mentor university applicants effectively. Priced at just £995, this programme offers unlimited places, ensuring that your entire teaching team can benefit.


What’s Included

tu003cliu003eu003cstrongu003eTwo-Hour Online Workshopu003c/strongu003e: Engage your teachers in an enlightening online workshop that covers the admissions process timeline, teacher references, personal statement guidance, admissions test preparation, and effective mock interview techniques.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eu003cstrongu003eAccess to 74 Course Reportsu003c/strongu003e: Gain digital access to our complete suite of 74 Course Reports, each valued at £100. These reports provide invaluable insights into past interview questions and reading recommendations for every course available at Oxford and Cambridge.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eu003cstrongu003eComprehensive Digital Resourcesu003c/strongu003e: Access our extensive collection of digital books and research materials, enriching your teachers’ knowledge base for in-house university guidance.u003c/liu003er


Empowering Informed Decisions


Selecting the right Oxbridge course can be challenging, given the differences at the university level compared to A-Level equivalents. Our Subject Immersion Tutorials provide students with a unique opportunity to engage with undergraduate-level Oxbridge tutorials across a range of subjects. Led by Oxbridge graduates in their respective disciplines, these sessions offer invaluable insights into course content and teaching styles, helping students make informed decisions about their academic futures.


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