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SAT Intensive Tuition Course

Elevate your school’s academic offerings and empower your educators with our SAT Teacher Training Programme. Together, we’ll help your students reach their full potential and open doors to a world of educational opportunities.  


Key Information:

Format – 12 Hours across 3 Sessions

Price per student – online £480

Price per student – in person* £600  

Courses require a minimum of four students in order to run

*Additional costs may be applicable for significant travel


Introducing our SAT Teacher Training Programme, designed to empower educators and schools with the knowledge and tools to prepare students for success in the SAT examination.


Tailored to Your Needs: Our team of seasoned educational specialists is committed to crafting a bespoke SAT course that aligns seamlessly with your school’s unique requirements and your students’ academic aspirations. We understand the diversity within the UK educational landscape, encompassing both independent and state schools, and we excel at bridging the gap between these systems, ensuring that the material is effectively delivered to your students.

Flexible Structure: We recognise the importance of flexibility in education, which is why our curriculum can be effortlessly integrated into your school’s timetable. Whether it’s a short-term intensive course or a more extended programme, we adapt to your schedule, ensuring that learning is a smooth and convenient process.

Professional Development: In addition to SAT preparation for students, we offer comprehensive professional development opportunities for your school’s faculty and staff. For schools with designated US university coordinators, we provide training to equip them with the skills needed to guide students through SAT preparation, further enhancing the support network available to your students.

Comprehensive Support: Beyond SAT training, our experienced advisors extend their expertise to assist educators in crafting impactful recommendation letters, creating clear and effective school transcripts and profiles, and offering valuable resources on how international students can navigate the complexities of financing their education.

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