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Employability Presentations

Our presentations encompass a range of topics that offer students practical and tangible advice as they navigate their future paths. Our goal is to complement your existing curriculum by addressing crucial subjects such as crafting an impressive CV and excelling in interviews.




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In the academic year 2023/24, our tailor-made employability workshops are accessible to all partner schools affiliated with Dukes Plus & InvestIN. These workshops aim to equip students with the essential skills required for success in their future careers. Our revamped presentation format typically spans a duration of 45 minutes, which can be extended to a maximum of 1 hour by incorporating interactive activities and worksheets, or shortened as per your specific requirements.


Our presentations encompass a range of topics that offer students practical and tangible advice as they navigate their future paths. Our goal is to complement your existing curriculum by addressing crucial subjects such as crafting an impressive CV and excelling in interviews.

We also offer a separate set of workshops tailored for parents and students aged 12-14.


All our pre-recorded presentations are designed to encourage student discussions, allowing for pausing at key moments. Additionally, we provide interactive worksheets that can be utilized during or after the session.


Further details about each presentation can be found below:


Essential Employability Skills

tu003cliu003eHow students can translate their career aspirations into actionable steps.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eUnderstanding the factors influencing the job market and their impact on future plans.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eRecognising the attributes sought by top employers and where these skills are honed.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003ePreparing for a successful career journey with a focus on knowledge, experience, advantage, and network.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eSteps to enhance employability starting today.u003c/liu003er

Knowing How to Network

tu003cliu003eEffective strategies for students to build lasting professional relationships.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eThe significance of a personal network and identifying valuable professionals and networking opportunities.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eCrafting an impactful InvestIN Elevator pitch for initial interactions.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eLeveraging the power of online networking, including creating an impressive LinkedIn profile.u003c/liu003er

Impressing in an Interview

tu003cliu003eStrategies for excelling in both online and in-person interviews.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eUnderstanding current employer expectations and prevalent recruitment techniques.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eBeing prepared for different interview stages.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eNavigating virtual interviews successfully.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eHandling common interview questions and post-interview reflections.u003c/liu003er

Making the Most of Work Experience

tu003cliu003eMaximising the value of work experience opportunities.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eDefining work experience and exploring suitable options locally and online.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003ePreparing for placements through company research, commercial awareness, and task readiness.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eExcelling on the job and extracting the most from the experience.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eRecognising and leveraging skills gained from work experience for future endeavours.u003c/liu003er

Creating a Standout CV

tu003cliu003eActions students can take to enhance their prospects in future job applications.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eUnderstanding early-stage recruitment methods employed by modern employers.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eCrafting compelling CVs, covering letters, and written applications.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003ePersonalising applications to job specifications and employing the STARR technique to stand out.u003c/liu003er

For 12-14-year-olds: Finding a Future Career

tu003cliu003eMaximising career potential from an early age.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eIdentifying skills developed through hobbies and studies for career exploration.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eExploring the concept of non-linear careers and transferable skillsets.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eIdentifying opportunities for skill development in school, online, and through work experiences.u003c/liu003er

For Parents: Success Beyond School

tu003cliu003eGuidance on supporting children as they embark on their career journeys.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eUnderstanding shifts in the job market over the decades and their impact on students’ careers.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eRecognising skills-based career opportunities and their diverse pathways.u003c/liu003er
tu003cliu003eEquipping parents with valuable tips and guidance for supporting their children.u003c/liu003er


To request your complimentary presentation recording, please contact us via Contact Form (link below).
Our Partner Schools have access to up to one free session per term.


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