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Dukes Research Scholars: Medicine DRS


Elevate your medical school application with Dukes Research Scholars: Medicine DRS, an online course for 16-18 year olds combining expert-led instruction, cutting-edge medical technology insights, and a supervised literature review.

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About the course

Dukes Research Scholars (DRS) is a high level and unique academic product that combines high quality instruction with a personal research or creative project.

  • Small group teaching, delivered by an expert in the field.  
  • Stretching and challenging content goes beyond what is taught in a school classroom and compliments what is learned at university.  
  • Make your application stand out! The Dukes Research Scholars programme ensures you have lots to talk about in interviews and on your personal statement. 
  • Publish your work on Dukes Plus, writing a literature review will deepen your knowledge of a crucial area of medicine and you’ll be supported by expert guidance along the way. 

August 6th19:00Introduction to Medical Research
August 8th19:00What is Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)?
August 13th19:00Engineering approaches to GBM.
August 15th19:00Taking an idea from the benchside to the clinic.
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