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ACT Book of Knowledge, 7th Edition (Latest Edition)


Master the ACT with this comprehensive ACT Book of Knowledge, 7th Edition (latest edition in 2024). This essential resource for anyone looking to take the ACT offers tried-and-tested exam techniques, including over 900 practice problems covering all ACT question types.

This book will show you everything you need to conquer the test. It will run through the content you need, show you tricks and shortcuts specific to ACT-style questions, and warn you about traps and common mistakes. This book is the product of the sum total of A-List’s expertise, combining the knowledge gained from hours of research into thousands of actual ACT questions with the practical experience of successfully increasing countless students’ scores.

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  • A-List
  • Book
  • Ivy League
  • ACT Prep

Everything you need to conquer the ACT test

ACT Book of Knowledge Latest Edition

  • Comprehensive Critical Reading, Math, and Writing Sections, with in-depth discussion and entertaining commentary
  • A practical approach prioritising the most frequently tested concepts
  • Example problems with detailed explanations, drills, and exercises to hone your skills
  • Battle-tested techniques that have helped thousands of students maximise their scores
  • Advice and tips for every score level

This book is intended for classroom students, and does NOT include a Student Solutions Manual for students preparing on their own.

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